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Internal mixer


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The company’s internal mixer is one of the world’s most advanced models, with technical indicators at international standards. It has a well-developed structure, high quality, long service life and is reliable in operations, . It is suited to work in tire and rubber factories, for the plasticizing and mixing of different rubber materials and plastic rubber blends, especially for radial tires.


1. The machine has a building block structure that can be rotated 180 degrees and is easy to install and maintain.

2. The rotors (e.g. intermeshing, 4-wing tangential, and ZZ2) are suited to plasticization, mixing, and the final mixing of various rubber materials.

3. All the parts that come in contact with the rubber materials are cooled with circulating water in a large cooling area, with water-temperature controls that keep them constant. maintaining the appropriate temperature guarantees stability and quality in the various rubber materials.

4. The drive system consists of a motor, precision gear reducer, drum-type gear coupling, and a high-speed coupling. The speed is changed with a DC motor, AC motor, reducer gear,,AC conversion drive, and hydraulic motor. The machine’s drive operates slowly, with little noise, and has a long service life.

5. The control system is PLC with both manual and automatic controls that are easy to shif, allowing for good time, temperature, and energy controls. It also has signal checks and other safety precautions to monitor the quality of rubber mixing, shorten the time, and make it less labor intensive.

6. The GK-type internal mixer’s ram piston comes in two types -- pneumatic and hydraulic. The rotor shaft seal also comes in two types: mechanical and hydraulic.

Main performance indicators of N-type


E-Type internal mixer technical specifications


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