After-sale Service

 After-sales service network

The company has after-sale service outlets in Qingdao, Dongying, Shanghai, and some overseas areas, with after-sales engineers stationing on a long-term basis to deal with any problems our clients have, around the clock.

By taking advantage of efficient and fast Internet technology, the company has established an ERP management system which combines integrated advanced service information network with efficient rapid service technology network. ERP makes it possible for engineers all over the world to provide quick solutions to clients’ problems through an information processing module and quick response module. This is what the modern world needs in an age of high speed and great efficiency.

Management model

Our after-sale service is delivered by marketing center's after-sale department which is responsible for service and marketing of machines, fittings, information and consultation. It aims at providing specific aftersales services and put in place a platform for interactions that is backed up by the head office.

Outstanding service team

We have more than 60 well-trained experts providing technology services for clients and more than 50 skilled engineers at the home office and more than 10 overseas, who are ready to deal with difficult problems in as short a time as possible.

Our supervisory system ensures that every single service of every engineer will be under the eye of both clients and the company. This is made possible by on-site analysis and by making a follow-up visit to the client.

Service content

After the equipment is put in place, the company will send service personnel to the spot upon request, to explain the features and structure of the equipment and provide field guidance for installation and debugging for at least a week.

Our service personnel also provide free training on such matters as maintenance and certain disfunctions.

The company has a technical service hotline to deal with any unexpected problems that might arise, at any time, which cannot be handled by the client, and will send out technical personnel if necessary.

Service promise

Our service slogan is “all for the client” and we provide comprehensive, quick, sincere, high quality service on our own initiative, and we make the following promises to clients:

1. Client letters and calls will be handled the very same day.

2. Engineers will explain what needs to be done to the client over the phone, within 2 hours of receiving the service information. The engineer will leave for the trouble spot within 2 days if necessary.

3. In the city of Yiyang, the response time, from receiving the service call to arriving on the spot will be less than 2 hours.Elsewhere in Hunan province, it will be less than 24 hours.Outside Hunan, but in China, it will be less than 72 hours.

4. For foreign clients, we will speak with the client and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

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