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益阳橡胶塑料机械集团有限公司的前身是隶属于原国家化工部的益阳橡胶机械厂,地处历史悠久、人文荟萃,素有洞庭明珠之称的千年古城——益阳。The Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co, Ltd, formerly known as Yiyang Rubber Machinery Factory which belonged to the former national Ministry of Chemical Industry, is located in Yiyang, “the Pearl of Dongting Lake”, a city with over 1000 year history.


For over 40 years developing, thanks to its independent innovation and international business strategy, the company has become a major rubber machinery manufacturer of China. The past 40 years may be just a split second in the long human history, but these are extraordinary times to the people of Yiyang group, who had fought their ways to revitalize the national machinery industry, and achieved a great success.

传承四十年辉煌,续写新时代篇章。站在新的征程上,我们益阳橡机人将一如既往地发扬以蚂蚁啃骨头为主脉的企业精神,秉持兴业报国的理念,坚持以人为本,用更广阔的胸怀容贤纳才,坚持走国际化经营之路,用更开放的心态迎接国际竞争,坚持做强做精橡胶机械产业,努力把公司打造成以橡胶机械为主,多产业协调发展的大型企业集团。We, the people of Yiyang group, inherit the glory of those past 40 years and pass it on into the new era., We will continue to “ gnawing on a big bone” like ants, and adhere to the concept of "Making the industry prosper to serve the country". At the same time, we will continue to be people-oriented, and take on talents with broader horizon, while pursuing an international path, embracing international competition with open minds, making the rubber machinery industry stronger, building the company into a large enterprise group, with rubber machinery as its core business, and many other industries that can develop in a coordinated way.


    The people of Yiyang group hope to work with friends from all business and industries to create a prosperous future together!

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