Corporate Culture

Company concepts

Our value: the value of profit is inferior to social value, and personal value is inferior to common value.

Our spirit: united, loyal, diligent, and innovative.

Our vision: to build a world-class manufacturing company in the rubber machinery industry

Our ethic: be dedicated, amicable, honest, and faithful.

Humanity: be people-oriented, and nurture productive employees, and irreplaceable talent.

Our objective: be a first-class enterprise, with first-class products, teams, and performance.

Style: do our best to be No 1.

Competition: less endeavor in your work will put you out of work.

Dedication: all for one, one for all.

Management: Safety, Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke --- the 6S management model.

Management concepts: good products, good services, good management.

Service concepts: start with the client’s needs, end with the client’s satisfaction.

Quality: be the best in quality, innovative in products, and be a world-class manufacturer.

Environmental and occupational health and safety: comply with the law, value safety and health, support resource conservation, prevent environmental degradation, and improve performance.

Company snapshots


The chairman talks about the corporate ethic

A Japanese expert lecturing on technical matters

Prof Wei Jie speaking

Improving their English through conversations

Field training

Teaching team spirit through physical tests

Giving all his attention to his work

Learning from foreign experts

Getting the welding job just right

Feedback to society

Cheering on the national women’s volleyball team

Sponsoring the world’s cup in badminton

Sponsoring relief work for disaster-stricken areas

Helping an employee with difficulties

Body building

 Team spirit building

Swimming match

Municipal sports event

Providing healthcare

Harmonious life

Municipal concert

Celebrating spring

Retirees showing their dancing skills

Something for Peking Opera fans

A little bit of karaoke

The Olympic torch

The national women’s volleyball team visiting the company

Harmonious Environment  

Work environment

Panoramic view of the company

Ground-level view of one of the main buildings

Night view of a building

One of the newer buildings

Hallway of one of the new buildings

Business lounge

Assembly shop

Area between plant buildings

Natural environment

Panorama of Yiyang city

Olympic Park

Golf course

Dongting Lake

Mount of Zhangjiajie

Hometown of Chairman Mao

Peak of Nan Mount

Yuelu College of thousand years’ history


Examples of their photographic work  



Moment of joy


After the storm

Fisherman’s song

Field workers’ song

Road encounter

Harvest time

Spring Festival

Rainy day affection

Commander and his ducks marching into town

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