1. The employer is a large State-owned enterprise so, employees sign a three-year contract and their household registration and file will be accepted by the company. The company covers retirement insurance, unemployment insurance, medical and job-injury, and maternity insurance, and provides a housing fund. In addition, we cover compassionate leave, such as going home for a visit, weddings, funerals, illness, and maternity leave. Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher will be given an individual room; technical secondary school or junior college graduates share a room with 2-3 people free of charge for a year.

2. The salary includes base pay with an allowance of 128 yuan plus a housing fund of 120 – 152 yuan. Those with a bachelor’s degree and CET-6 get 1,680 yuan/month for the first year; those with a bachelor’s degree and CET-4 get 1,480 yuan/month; those with a double major get 1,880 yuan/month; those with a junior college degree get 1,265 yuan/month; and technical secondary school grads get 1,048 yuan/month. From the second year, a project commission, bonus, or piecework pay will be added to salary.

3. In the area of education, we cooperate with the Qingdao University of Science & Technology in providing further study for a master’s degree in engineering or mechanical engineering. Employees may also be sent to a university or scientific research institute in China or abroad for short- to mid-term training depending on the job needs.

4. Employees are also entitled to a housing subsidy (buying a house) of 24,000 yuan for those with a bachelor’s degree, or 18,000 for those with a college education.

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